Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Smart Love Movement

You may have noticed that introduction to Smart Love enjoins you to join the Smart Love Movement. That means more than just reading the blog, although I certainly appreciate you doing so. Later in this post, I will issue a challenge to all of us to kick start the movement.

Clark says: I really like Smart Love. I used to be a lonely guy who knew nothing about relationships. Now, I am a better educated lonely guy.

Our culture is tragically sheltered and afraid to speak openly on topics of sex and relationships. The media treats it like a game to be won, rather than an experience to be shared. It is my ambition to use this platform to educate people about all the wonderful things that can happen when they free themselves of their own limitations of what relationships can be.

My role in this is writing Smart Love, but I am not the movement, you are! I need your help to spread the word, provide feedback, give me article ideas, and share links with me.

Dominick says: Power comes not from one man but from those who will follow him. The leader is only as great as his followers. You, the readers, are the power of Smart Love.

Your Part
Here is what I need from you in order to turn this from a site where I pontificate into a tool to help people to grow in their relationships. Many hands make light work, especially if those hands have fingers typing on keyboards of the Internet. It is not difficult. In fact, most can be done right in front of you computer... which is probably where you are right now!

Join the Facebook/Fetlife Group
The first thing you can do is join the groups on Fetlife and Facebook. Once you have joined, invite your friends who might be interested as well. If you bring two friends and they bring two friends and they bring two friends, we'll have all the rice in China by the end of the month, or perhaps have many, many members of the movement..

Comments are important for two reasons. First, they let me know you are reading and that I am not talking to myself (which I do plenty of while walking down the sidewalk), which encourages me to keep writing. Second, it lets other people know you are reading. People want to be where everyone else is, so seeing comments tells them that this is a happening site to read.

Following is important for the same reason as commenting. It shows people that people are reading this site and that they should too.

Suggest Topics for Articles
Is there something that you would like to know more about, or a topic that you think is so far missing from the Smart Love discussion? Let me know. If it fits, I will write it for you.

Use Our Articles as a Teaching Tool
My greatest dream for this site is for it be used as a tool for you to educate others. Do you know someone (besides me) who is a bit of a know-it-all and it hurts their relationships. Send them a link to the post on the topic. The best thing about this is you don't have to be confrontational about it at all. You can just say, "hey, I read this interesting article. You should check it out." It works better than saying, "stop being a know-it-all jerkface."

Need an article to explain something that I have not written about yet? Just email me and tell me what you need me to write about, and I'll put it into the queue and write it as soon as I can. I love getting topic suggestions. It is better to write about something that I know someone wants to read about than to sit here in my luxuriously appointed office trying to guess what people want to read about. Help me help you help me, or something like that.

Read the Site
This is the obvious one that I felt should be mentioned anyway. If you do nothing else, keep reading. Even if you never share a link, perhaps you will learn something from an article which you can share in your day to day life, or even learn something to improve your own relationship.

Jenny says: For a man, Michael sometimes has some good points on Smart Love.

The August Challenge
I am very pleased at how fast the readership has grown in the first few weeks I have been writing, but now it is time to step it up. Every time I talk to someone who is unsatisfied with their relationships and wishes that there were a better way to do things, I know that there are thousands others like them. Good people who have been trapped in the mainstream relationship style of us-and-them, suspicion, jealously, and bad sex caused by bad communication and bad assumptions.

This site is your resource to make a difference. Together, we can help people to improve their relationships, but I need your help.

The goal is to increase readership by a factor of 10 by the end of the month of August. It is entirely possible, if we all work together. How do we make this happen?

For my part, I will post a new article every day during the month of August, starting with a three part series on polyamory on August 1-3.

For your part, I need you to spread the word. Send links to your friends. Invite people to join the FB and FL groups. Suggest topics and share the articles that result.

Information is power: the power to make people's lives better. Join us in getting that information to those who need it... which is everyone!

Casanova says: Even I can find valuable insights into my interactions with the fairer sex. One who seeks to live a life of love and joy as I do can learn a great deal from Smart Love.

Please comment on this post to let everyone know that you are joining with the Smart Love Movement to make the world a more loving place.

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